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Integrated Wellness Physical Therapy

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What to Expect During Treatment

It is recommended to arrive the first time 10 minutes early to settle in and fill out paperwork.  You will need to fill out the Patient Intake Form, a HIPPA/Privacy  Acknowledgment form and the cancellation policy. 

Shannon will sit down with you and discuss your history, your concerns and goals for treatment. An evaluation is completed to get a sense of what restrictions are present in your body.  A treatment plan is then formed that works for both you and Shannon and treatment will begin. 

Frequency and Duration:

The average number of visits to see a change is 6-8 visits, but progress should be evident in the first 3. The frequency will be discussed at the end of the first visit.  This must be an intervention that fits into your schedule and life, so as to get the most out of it. 

What to wear:

Please wear comfortable clothing, something that moves easily. Jeans and skirts are difficult to maneuver. 

Fees for treatment:
$ 120 for a 60 minute one-on one session

The initial session may last for 75 minutes for the intial evaluation with no additional charge

Shannon is an out of network provider, please contact your insurance company to get more information on what that means for your treatment.