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 "Shannon Simmons is an awesome physical therapist.  She does her best to heal you-gently so you hardly know she is working on you. Sometimes she finds a sore spot and makes it go away.  She treats you so kindly that you feel you are special.  Then you hear her treating someone else as special and you know that she cares for ALL of her patients.  I am so impressed with her skills and her caring. "  Nancy I.


"In the summer of 2011 I had a cervical disc fusion.  As I was being wheeled down to the operating room my doctor leaned down and whispered that I needed to follow up with his office the following week because he was leaving that practice in seven days.  Since I felt no particular allegiance to this surgeon and went to him only on the recommendation of my neurologist I made the follow up appointment then went off in search of a new back doctor.  A friend whose opinion I value suggested Dr Brian Kim.  I saw Dr Kim and he recommended that I begin physical therapy with Shannon Simmons.  It was then that my life and my health finally began to improve.

Prior to my first appointment with Shannon I was asked to fill out a questionnaire.  It was pretty much the standard thing.  On there was a question asking “Have you been in physical therapy before and if so, for how long?”  I checked the box “YES” and wrote in “forever”.  I was being only partly facetious.  In addition to the disc fusion I had arthroscopic procedures done on both knees and my right shoulder.  I also had surgery on my right rotator cuff as well as for a bilateral hernia.  Finally I had both my uvula and tonsils removed.  This was all in a period of less than ten years. For someone who considered exercise to be his main hobby, I was spending less and less time in the gym and more and more time preparing for and recovering from surgery.

My physical therapists to this point all had the decent if not sometimes indifferent intentions.  Appointments tended to consist of the usual assortment of resistance and balance movements, heat, ice, stim, TENS, traction and even balloon therapy.  I had done these so many times that therapists tended to just hand me my clipboard at the beginning of the session and basically let me do my own PT.

I could tell immediately upon entering Shannon’s office that physical therapy with her was going to be different.  There was very little equipment in her office other than her table.  I wanted her to know I was a PT veteran and jokingly asked where her finger stairs were.  After two shoulder procedures my fingers had walked that staircase seemingly countless times.  She smiled and responded that not only does she not have one but that she doesn’t really like them.  My hoped soared.  Maybe this time PT would be different and actually make a difference.  I had no idea.

I have been working with Shannon now for months.  In that time she has taught me how to be in touch with my body, its strengths and its limitations.   At one particularly impressive appointment before I even said hello she asked me what was wrong with my groin.  I replied that to the best of my recollection I had never even used the word groin before.  She said she could tell from the way I was walking that there was a problem and proceeded to alter the day’s therapy to try and correct or at least identify what that problem was.   Within two weeks I was having bilateral hernia surgery.  She actually noticed the injury before I did.

This is but one example of how extraordinarily sensitive and talented Shannon is.  When you are with her you have her complete and undivided attention.  This is a far cry form the countless other physical therapists I had “worked” with who paid as much if not more attention to what was on television or their cell phones than to me.  After working with Shannon for some time I felt strong enough to hire a team of personal trainers and begin the arduous process of rebuilding the muscle that had atrophied during my long cycle of injury, shut down, surgery, recovery and PT.  My trainers not only helped me get back in shape but also began to teach me about how muscle imbalances and a weak core can result in the very cycle that I had been on for years.

Intrigued by what I had learned I wanted even more information and after doing some research signed on to study personal training with NASM; The National Academy for Sports Medicine.  With support from Shannon and my trainers I got through the studies and exams.  On April 15th 2013, four days shy of my fifty eighth birthday I took and passed my certification exam.  At this writing I am in the process of turning my hobby into my vocation.  I have started my personal training business and can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life and am making a difference in the lives of others.

There is simply no way in the universe that any of this happens without Shannon.  She has had profound impact on virtually every aspect of my life.  I have learned to identify and interpret the messages my body sends me and through that I am now able to do the same with others.  In just a few training sessions I have had clients tell me that I have caught things that other trainers had missed over months and even years.

I can say with complete confidence that anyone would benefit by hiring Shannon Simmons to be their physical therapist.  Her skill, sensitivity, drive, humor and the passion that she brings to every single appointment regardless of whatever is happening outside of the four walls of her office is truly a rare and wondrous thing to behold.  In a relatively short time she has become one of my favorite people on the planet and has helped restore my faith in myself and in the world.  In giving her a chance you will be giving yourself a chance as well." 
 Norm Friedlander, NASM-CPT, CPhT



Shannon was the third therapist I had been to see when my spinal stenosis kicked up and started causing me great distress. Other therapists had given me many of the usual exercises, which never seemed to really relieve the pain that was making it difficult for me to stand up straight and had gradually restricted my ability to walk any distance. Shannon, through her very impressive knowledge of the body, its nerves and muscles, was quickly able to locate my “trouble spots” and to relieve the various tensions. The results were startling and immediately made me appear taller. I started seeing her before spinal surgery and she told me that she could help relieve the symptoms I had, but only surgery could correct the underlying causes. I’ve now had the surgery and Shannon has continued to be an outstanding help, guiding my recovery and helping me get to where I can now walk over two miles at a time, a feat I have missed for over two years.  Additionally, Shannon is just a wonderful person, a real joy to know, and I consider myself very fortunate to have had her as my physical therapist. -J.D Miller

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