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Shannon Simmons is a manual Physical Therapist that utilizes an integrated approach to treating the whole person.  She uses gentle hands-on techniques derived from osteopathic concepts designed to discover and treat restrictions through out the body.  As she releases restrictions and improves mobilityof the tissues in the body, the body's natural healing and corrective abilities are enhanced.Her philiosophy is that the body has a natural tendency to strive toward a state of health and wellness and that there are barriers to body's ability to reach that state.  She works at discovering and helping her patients discover what the barriers are and facilitates healing towards that goal of  health.

Shannon graduated from University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 1999 with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy.  After graduation, she started practicing with a manual physical therapist skilled in Strain and Counterstrain, an osteopathic technique, and discovered the power of hands-on treatments. 

She has been trained at Michigan State's Osteopathic Medical School in their continuing education curriculum as well as having extensive training through the Jones Institute and The Upledger Institute. She currently is an adjunct professor in Michigan States Osteopathic Continuing Education program and is on the team of professionals that developed the CFMM (Certified Functional Manual Medicine) certification. 

Through her more than 19 years of manual physical therapy experience, she has developed a reputation for getting results with the most challenging patient populations and being able to help those that haven't been able to get relief with other interventions.  She attributes that to looking at the whole person regardless of where they have pain or dysfunction.
Shannon Simmons, MPT, CFMM
Shannon has a passion for yoga, meditation, dance, reading, and personal transformation.  She incorporates her passions personally in with her passion professionally, understanding that healing takes place on many levels for an individual through many avenues. Each person's journey on the road to healing is unique and Shannon looks to be a facilitator or partner in whatever way she is able.
Shannon is a member of the Sykesville Wellness Partners, the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, supports, The March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and Just In Power Kids. She has provided osteopathic treatments in Kenya as a service to others. She is powerfully passionate about serving others.                                  
Shannon recently began stepping into the waters as a writer in the personal sense. This article was just published on The Elephant Journal as of late November 2017. 
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